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Reflexologists believe that areas of the feet, hands,  face, and ears represent the organs as well as other parts of the body and body systems. By using alternating pressure with our fingers and thumbs to stimulate specific reflexes.

Reflexologists work on those reflexes and areas with the aim of promoting the bodies self healing, returning the body to it's natural balance, optimising good health, wellbeing and deep relaxation.

I believe stress affects every system in the body, I practice Duopody which works all fourteen body systems, using this treatment along with NEPIP {Neuroendopsychoimmunopody}  I have seen the holistic benefits in reducing the effects of stress.


Since practicing reflexology I have learnt that lifestyle can have a huge impact on our bodies in turn increasing the symptoms of stress.

The benefits of reflexology in reducing stress are an improved sense of wellbeing, enhanced mood, as well as a feeling of deep relaxation, the relaxing affect that reflexology has will help relieve the tension in our muscles, reflexology energises and stimulates the release of waste from the body and aids sleep. In addition to this reflexology restores balance between the divisions of the nervous system, reflexology also improves cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation.

How can Reflexology Help Me?

  • Reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety

  • Relieves muscle tension, therefore reducing pain

  • Enhances mood and aids sleep

  • Improves cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation

  • Energises and stimulates waste from the body

  • Restores balance between the divisions of the nervous system

  • Boosts the immune system


NEPIP (Neuroendopsychoimmunopody)

NEPIP is a specialist treatment, based on a scientific study; the link between our brain, nervous, endocrine and immune systems, our bodies response to stress impacts our overall health. NEPIP targets this stress, aiming to restore balance to those body systems.   NEPIP is exclusive to level 5 practitioners.

What to expect

On arrival; a full medical history, a list of medications and/or supplements will be requested as part of the initial consultation. You will also be asked to sign a consent form prior to your first treatment.


You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks/tights, part of the treatment will include working on the lower legs. Please bear this in mind and choose suitable clothing. You will be seated in a reclining chair for the treatment.

Reflexology treatments will be carried out in a calm, confidential manner, in an empathetic listening environment.

Reflexology is not an alternative to medical advice or treatment. Reflexologists do not claim to cure, prescribe medication or diagnose. Reflexology can be used safely alongside conventional medicine.

Kim is a fantastic reflexologist, very talented and knowledgeable. Her treatment room is both warm and inviting and so calming and relaxing and of course, she has the magic touch. I felt so relaxed after my treatment and certainly slept well! You will be in very good hands (and feet) with her. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

Karen Davies

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